Animal Mortality

Let Sanger Insurance ensure you can always get back in the saddle. After all the time and money you’ve invested in your animals, don’t let the unexpected throw you. Make sure you have adequate insurance protection for your valuable livestock.

Whether you raise livestock as your livelihood or own a few as pets, you can depend on Sanger Insurance to protect your animals with a variety of life and health insurance coverages.

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Limited Animal Mortality Coverage

This coverage protects you against loss as a result of a variety of perils, including: fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, theft, collision and upset while in transit, accidental shooting, and drowning.
Plus, the agreed value of the animal will be paid if death was caused by one of the perils listed on the policy.

Animal Mortality Coverage

This coverage is available for valuable animals, including cattle, club calves, horses, 4H or FFA animals.
This term insurance for your livestock will pay the agreed value of your animal if it dies from any accidental or natural cause. This coverage includes Emergency Colic Surgery Expense at no additional charge on horses. It even pays this benefit if your animal is stolen.


Animal Mortality Coverage Options

Option What It Covers/Provides Coverage Amounts
Major Medical Endorsement Helps control veterinarian fees for unforeseen events covering:

  • Reasonable and customary medical and surgical expenses of a licensed veterinarian necessitated by an accident, injury, illness or disease.
Contact agent for this amount
Surgical Endorsement Covers the cost involved in lifesaving surgery for insured animals, including:

  • Reasonable and customary charges for surgical treatment required by accident, injury, illness or disease
  • Up to 50% of the surgical fees for related expenses
Contact agent for this amount
Loss of Use Endorsement Protects the insured’s investment in animals that are no longer able to fulfill their functions, yet do not need to be destroyed for humane reasons. Up to 60% of the insured value for horses. Currently not available for cattle.

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